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Gyro Free Ride F2R 4-Pack Inlines Hjul

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Gyro Wheel
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Allround hjul från Gyro

Durometer: 85A

Pack med 4 hjul


Hjul diameter:
72mm, 76mm, 80mm
Hjul hårdhet:
Kullager och spacers:
Ingår inte
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Best wheels for skating
Murat Serkan Tabakoglu (Stockholm)
Betyg: 5 av 5!
ahmad miro (Ulricehamn)
Betyg: 5 av 5!
I put these on my K2 FIT 80 and I can only compare them to my old K2 stock wheels (80A), same bearings. But these sure are much more durable. After a couple of sessions with these I'm very satisfied with them. They don't wear nearby as quickly and they actually seem to improve my speed a fair bit. I experience that sound-wise, there's more noise coming from the wheels when I do drag stops, I suppose that's simply because they are harder than my old soft ones. So I can't really blame them for that. As for now, I would consider buying the same wheels again for sure.
Jonatan A. (Lund)
Betyg: 5 av 5!
Fine hjul
Kasper Kristensen (Svendborg)
Betyg: 5 av 5!
Det helt rigtige hjul til en let øvet der kører både inde og ude. Hjulets hårdhed giver lidt længere levetid uden at miste vejgreb
Thomas Berg Brauner (Karise)
Betyg: 4 av 5!
Fine hjul. Kom til at stjæle sønnens da jeg akut manglede hjul til mine hockey skøjter. Har købt nye til ham :-)
Jesper Vinther (Hjørring)
Betyg: 5 av 5!
Købte disse hjul da de er anbefalet til at lave slides. Må sige at de lever op til mine forventninger; når man først får dem til at glide, så er modstanden ret konsistent. Anbefales!
Daniel S.
Betyg: 5 av 5!
Fino, valgte et tak hårdere end de gamle, og de virker super
Timm Henriksen (Kalundborg)
Betyg: 5 av 5!
virker ok til prisen
ulrik bielefeldt (Jellingjelling)
Betyg: 4 av 5!
Fine hjul til en god pris! :)
Oliver bo schmidt (Taastrup)
Betyg: 5 av 5!
god value for money
Kasper Kristensen
Betyg: 5 av 5!
They are fast, 'grippy' and hard wearing. Perfect!
Cdu P. (Salford)
Betyg: 5 av 5!
Amazed with how hardy these things are! I usually go for cheapy wheels but decided to splash out this time after watching a review of these. They just don't wear! I recon I've done at least 25 - 30 miles on them so far and they're nowhere near needing a rotation yet. My only gripe when buying was that the red colour that I wanted was a fair bit more expensive than the yellow and I don't really get why colour should impact price (I just went for yellow as I didn't want to pay another £10 just for colour) I'm obviously not marking down for that though. These are now my new fav wheels and will defiantly buy again! Delivery was also very fast. Arrived in the UK in around 2 or 3 days.
Stephan Torcy (Worcester Park)
Betyg: 5 av 5!
It's really good weels.
Tomas Kupciunas (Gravesend)
Betyg: 5 av 5!