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Find the right Race BMX Bars

Race BMX bars are usually higher than the bars of conventional bikes.

Handlebars for race BMX bikes are available in different models and sizes. Both the height and the width of the BMX bars are measured in inches. Most BMX bars are 8 to 10 inches high and 28 to 30 inches wide.

The BMX handlebars are made of either aluminum or heavier steel types. Most bars for freestyle bikes are made of steel, while most BMX bars for race bikes are made of aluminum to keep the bike as light as possible.

Should i choose a 2-piece or 4-piece BMX bar?

There are basically two ways BMX bars are constructed, and you guessed it - 2-piece or 4-piece handlebars.

2-piece bars are made of 2 pieces of either steel or aluminum tubes. This is usually a lighter construction. The 2-piece bar is usually the strongest construction because it only has two weldings.

4-piece bars are made of 4 pieces of either steel or aluminum tubes. This is often a bit heavier than a 2-piece bar, but it provides a more unique design to the race BMX bike, which some riders prioritize.

So if your main goal is to get the weight of your bike as low as possible, you should probably go with a 2-piece bar. If your want to give your bike a more retro and stylish look, the 4-piece bars would be your weapon of choice.