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Marker Alpinist U-Bow

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Marker Alpinist U-Bow accessoar till dina Alpinist pin tech bindningar.

Välj denna häl del i olika hårdheter.

  • Soft = Ungefär 5.5DIN
  • Medium = Ungefär 8DIN
  • Hard = Ungefär​​​​​​​ 11DIN
recensioner   (10)
Quick delivery from the US to Canada and exactly as ordered. Flawless shopping experience! My tip to install, use a fairly big set of those quick adjust pipe wrench that opens to 2” gap or so. Just press them into position and use them to get the old ones half way out. Easy peezy.
Flavelle Scott (Mount Currie)
Betyg: 5 av 5!
The Marker U springs arrived faster than expected, and are exactly as advertised.
Kenneth Linden (Irvine)
Betyg: 5 av 5!
Completely agree with Karol below. Nightmare to install. Had to file the inner edge a bit to get them on, after various failed attempts started to chew up the plastic/carbon body of the binding. The cut ends of the springs are pretty unrefined and could do with a bit of filing before they leave the factory. Once on, they work fine, I'm sure, and I got a swift and sensible reply from Skatepro when I asked for advice, so overall a positive experience. Would certainly use this retailer again.
Archie Gillies (Aberdeen)
Betyg: 4 av 5!
Have not had a chance to test them, not enough snow yet, but have no reason to believe they would not work. Got them to replace the "hard" DIN 12 bows that came with my bindings. They certainly were a bitch to install though. Not like the manufacturer describes it, just remove the small screw and slide it out/slide it in. The prongs are not quite parallel but rather convergent a bit. At the end I managed to spread them a little by forcing a suitable size of a socket wrench in between of them.
Karol S. (Northport)
Betyg: 4 av 5!
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