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Doop Trinity Swift 110 Skate Freeskates

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Sko storlek: 43-49
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4-6 - Bordeaux
4-6 - Grey Melange
4-6 - Svart
8-10 - Mustard
8-10 - Svart
8-10 - Grey Melange
8-10 - Vit
12-14 - Svart
12-14 - Vit
S - Vit
S - Svart
S - Grey Melange
S - Mustard
S - Navy
S - Bordeaux
M - Svart
M - Mustard
M - Grey Melange
M - Navy
M - Bordeaux
M - Vit
L - Mustard
L - Bordeaux
L - Grey Melange
L - Navy
L - Vit
L - Svart
XL - Vit
XL - Grey Melange
XL - Svart
XL - Navy
XXL - Vit
XXL - Mustard
XXL - Navy
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XXL - Grey Melange
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Doop urban skates är gjorda för att susa genom stan med den lätthet som endast en modulbyggd skridsko som denna kan ge. Ta på dina älsklingssneakers, hoppa i Doop Swift och du är redo att åka.

Doop Swift inkluderar en valbar justerbar broms, som hjälper dig bli bekväm i dina nya Doops. Remmarna har låsspännen som gör att dina fötter sitter ordentligt fast, och ger därmed bättre kraftöverföring och förbättrad respons.

Trinity-versionen levereras med det färska Trinity 3-punkts monteringssystemet. Detta 3-punkts monteringssystem ger en lägre tyngdpunkt, vilket gör det mer stabilt och ger en mycket bättre kraftöverföring. Detta Trinity chassi är gjord av en stark och hållbar aluminium.

I mitten av ​​tungan sitter ett litet LED-ljus, som ger ditt tillräckligt med ljus för att komma hem säkert om natten. Kommer också med ett set självlysande hjul.

Hjul diameter:
Hjul hårdhet:
Känga/Skal typ:
Justerbar storlek
Ram material:
Innerkänga detaljer:
3x Spänne
Kullager precision:
Flat setup
Max. hjul diameter:
Känga material:
Plast, Fiber
Hög ankelstöd
Trinity SK8 Montering: %s
Inkluderad (valfritt)
Rekommenderad för:
Freestyle skating
Let’s start with the positive...skatepro customer service is top notch Doop 110 was such a let down, I ordered size M and it came in the box that said M (43-49) my shoes are 45, but inside they were skates size S(36-42.5). I took one wheel off to take the brake off and to my surprise abec 7 bearings instead abec 9, no big deal right? The Powerslide logo on the back of the skates fell off right away together with reflective strip...even though they were size 42.5 my shoe fit ok and did not passed the toe, I tried to skate around the kitchen and my right foot was pulling to the outside...the first strap is not adjustable front to back and stayed on my toes which was like having no strap at all. The cuff felt very uncomfortable and for 300$ pair of skates...I was expecting a lot more, I noticed on reddit forum people experiencing exactly the same problems...I’ve been rollerblading for 20years now, started on Roces majestic 12,...doop were the least comfortable skates I have tried
katie a. j. z. (West Tisbury)
Betyg: 2 av 5!
Svar från SkatePro:  Thank you for your review. :)
Of course, you should have received the skates in the way they were advertised. Therefore, if the only issue was the incorrect bearing precision, we could also fix that with sending out the right set. Regarding the comfortability issues that can be quite individual and it also very much defense on the type of shoes you are using with these skates. However, because there were too many issues with the received skates we have agreed on getting them back from you o our expenses. :)
I hope that if you decide to get another pair soon we would find the perfect pair for you this time :)
I've read many independent reviews on the Doop and they are never that great. I can't understand why. I've been skating for over 20 years and I can safely say these are the best skates I've ever owned. Super comfortable, fast and responsive. Build quality is fantastic and Im deffinately a huge Doop fan. They feel really light and airy on your feet as they are an open boot. I don't think I'd ever want any other skate. They are also great at the skatepark. Easy to do tricks. Wheels and bearings are also amazing quality I can't recommend them strongly enough :D
Kitt Kitt
Betyg: 5 av 5!
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